Basement Drywall

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Drywall for your basement is a really great solution. It is starting to become a very popular solution for people that have private houses. And on top of that, it is very simple and very useful at the same time. It can save you money and it is very easy to install. We have our experts who specialize in basement drywall installation. If you decide to call out a company we can assist you in your basement.

White Board

This is the most regular type of drywall that is most commonly used among house owners to have their basement made. This regular type of drywall is brown on one side and white on the other. What is really great about this type of drywall is that it is very cost-effective and affordable. It doesn’t cost much and you can do pretty much your entire basement without having to spend much money. About the normal sizes, it usually comes in 4x8 foot panels. This makes it even easier for you to cover a normal size basement.

Green Board

This is one of the champion drywalls when it comes to basement coverage. This drywall is not waterproof but the green side, however, gives it protection against moisture. So even if this kind of drywall is not waterproof it can prove to be a good option about places such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Though this type of drywall is more expensive than the normal whiteboard, it proves to be more convenient. Since the regular drywall can easily develop mold while green board drywall is known to be far more resistant asking for less maintenance.

Blue Board

This type of drywall seems to surpass all of the above as far as resistance is concerned. It is not made of tape or paint and thus it has a higher quality. But on the other hand, the blue side of the drywall is special in the absorbing side. It has high resistance towards moisture, mold, and water. This kind of drywall is more expensive but on the other hand, is totally worth it when it comes to using it for your basement or bathroom. Because it can prove to be so resistant, our clients prefer this type of drywall, since they are prepared to spend more and not have to redo anything in the near future.

Paperless Drywall

This kind of drywall is really resistant and it is known for replacing the paper drywall in the business. The coverage of the drywall is fiberglass instead of paper and it is perfect for insulation. This drywall is also perfect for your basement since it offers great protection towards mold, moisture, water damages, and mildew. We actually advise this kind of drywall to our clients and have noticed that they are more than satisfied with it.