Room Additions

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For most homeowners room additions are only a minimal living space added to the house for a low cost. But it depends on the purpose that you want the addition for and the type of style and amount of budget that you have. Whether you are planning on spending a lot for the addition or you are just looking for a little bit of extra living space, we can take care of the room addition for you.

What is Room Addition?

On the contrary to a house addition that can be expensive and can take up all your money, a room addition is a small living space that adds to your house's small living space. There are many different types of room additions starting from a full room, which is a space added to the house, similar to a conservatory. There are what are known as half rooms, that are often used only for sleeping space, or you even have the option of a two feet addition that it can be used only as extra space.

How Can Room Addition Add Space?

The answer to this is yes, depending on how big is your room addition. If you are looking at a full room addition than the space added to your house is more than obvious. But on the other hand, if you are only adding a two or three feet room addition this space can be used maybe to bring a little bit more comfort. That kind of room addition doesn’t add much space in the house but we see many clients asking for this kind of service.

Suggested Uses

There are many different uses that you can get from an addition. I will mention now a few of them and I will talk about the different uses that we have seen our clients practice. Since having a room addition can be very handy you will be amazed by the different uses of them. One of the uses can be for a drawer. There are many cases that people add a two feet addition and then turn it into a drawer for their room. In the case of the bathroom is can be used for an extra bathtub. Or even in the kitchen, the addition can be used as a nook to eat dinner or breakfast.

Cost of Room Addition

The cost of a room addition depends on the size of the addition that you want. The style of the addition can affect the costs as well. We do our best to keep the prices at an affordable rate. Having a room addition can be expensive if you are the type to want luxury. You can call our operators and talk with them directly about the costs involved in a room addition.