Stucco Installation

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With all the different types of products out there it is very hard to tell which kind of stucco is the best.  With differing opinions, and plenty of misinformation available today, it is important that you due the proper due diligence to choose the type that's right for your property.

Hard Coat Stucco System

This is the most common type of stucco that is used for the base or the foundation before the finished stucco. Hard coat stucco is made out of cement and it gets hard once it dries out. The general thickness of this stucco is something at an average of 5/8 inches. Once this stucco is applied then you let it dry out completely before starting to apply the finished stucco. As I said, this kind of stucco is mostly used by workers for the base or the foundation.

Three Coat Stucco

Three coat stucco consists of an asphalt infused paper, wire, water-resistant barrier, a scratch, a brown coat, and a finish coat. This type of stucco is very resistant since it comes in three layers which make sure that water does not go through as well as moisture does not go through. And that is what you need when you are applying stucco. That’s the purpose that stucco is applied after all. It is done so that the wall is protected from mold and water damage. We are experts at laying this kind of stucco so if you are thinking about getting help from someone who knows, give us a call.

One Coat Stucco

Being similar to the three coat stucco, one coat stucco is also water-resistant and it guarantees security for a long time. The one-coat stucco uses a cement base but is less thick being somewhere around 3/8 inches. The difference this kind of stucco has from the three coat stucco is that it has no scratch, it comes with a foam and only a brown coat. But however, the security against mold and moisture is the same which means that it is perfect for insulation.

EIFS Stucco

Exterior Insulation and Finish System are long for the acronym EIFS. This type of system relies on thin layers of modified materials rather than a thick layer of hard stucco. One of the best pros that this system has is that it is perfect against water and moisture and it is designed specifically to keep water out of the building, which many people are struggling with nowadays because they have used hard coat which does not provide this protection to the fullest. This system absorbs the water and then the trapped water goes away through the evaporation system.